People blow their horns in the tunnel. And no, you’re not supposed to trim or cut brush or trees. Do not go alone, especially if you've never been there. In other words, you see a bunch of rocks in a circle (fire ring) next to clear area where vehicles have parked in the past… yes, you can camp there unless it’s been specifically ruled by the forest service to be outside the camping allowed area. In my latest edition of AZ highways Magazine, there is a Reynolds Creek Campground on hwy 288 (take Hwy 188 about 20 miles north of Globe, take a right on 288) and its about 28 miles up there…May be one to check out…The article was for a hike to Hell’s Hole Trail sounds like a dilly and not for the faint of heart! remember you want to go across ... at the base of Cliff 1 but staying above Cliff 2. Haha! Picketpost is a lone standing mountain with no ridges connecting to other peaks. By the time I reached the top, there was only one other group up there at the same time. Quite ambitious of you… I share your pride in accomplishing that! | 4-Wheel Drive Couldn’t take my eyes off it! Amazon notes that the code has expired – disappointing. I only get one so I guess it’s a bit or miss thing. I met her in person a couple yrs ago when she RV’ed to PA to see her mom. We hoped he wasn't too bored. To the West, Weaver’s Needle just poked up from behind a ridge. A hard hike along a rough trail, Picketpost Mountain is an achievement to be sure, but not for the faint of heart — literally or figuratively. So much variety in just green plants and beige rocks – the textures, colors and shapes complimented and contrasted with each other. Picketpost Trailhead—Tonto National Forest, Superior, AZ. I happened to read her comments and figured out that it’s her. THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING TO SHOP AMAZON FROM MY BLOG! Hi, Sue! :/ Strange, I know . Hope you finally get that door successfully installed. Christmas break will be here soon! Safe travels! only to wander aimlessly in frustration. Drive 0.5 miles past mile marker 221 and turn right (south) on Forest Road (FR) #231 (look for the aluminum windmill to the south). Wow, Boots! Camping: The pit toilet is at the trailhead, but camping there isn't allowed. As mentioned, there is dispersed camping on the dirt road off US60 leading to the trailhead, so you're only 1/4 mile away. HONK! Glad your heart is strong. Great gal. But cold weather, I crack open something awful! It’s fortunate that you are at Sawtooth when the campground is empty (Love when that happens!). Picketpost Mountain: 4375: 1475: N/A: Superior, Arizona: No: No: 33.2567,-111.1576: Trip Report. I do feel good this morning. When I finally reached her, it became clear that I had been much closer to the real route than she was, Most of the photos I take are a disappointment. Take a left onto this jeep road, which takes you closer to Picketpost Mountain. YouTube,